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The World Wide Web. A spider's web: flexible enough to grow and change, to react to the environment. The web has been used as a metaphor for the Internet, but most companies aren't building their sites to be as flexible as a spider's web.

Our Information Design team will either reorganize your site or layout your site so it will be easily adaptable to your business needs and your customers' demands. This framework will allow you to rapidly update your site with minimal amount of rework. Think of the spider. It doesn't rebuild an entire web, but tends to the area it wants to expand upon.

Your site will have the structure to lead your customers to their destination on your site -- be it to get contact information or to make a purchase. A poorly structured site will eventually crumble. Let us strengthen your site and your site's flexibility.

We also can assess your information flow because the web, a report, a manual, a brochure are all end results of a larger flow of your organization's information, often times being feed by many tributaries. We look to streamline that flow so you don't drown in information overflow.

Email us to discuss what we can do to help your business.


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