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The web enables you to track every click your visitor makes, and can even look for patterns, but those algorithms only tell half the story. The answer to what is hot now is not always found by looking at what was bought yesterday.

Humans don't fit into neat categories that statisticians put them into, and new categories always are evolving. More importantly you don't treat all customers the same. Companies are realizing the more valued customer deserves more customer care. Do you know who your most valued customers are?

If you've identified who they are, do you know what they want? Without a data management strategy, you are simply collecting data. Successful companies know what information they need to identify a customer's needs and interests. When you go up a level from the shopping cart analytics, you begin to see where your customers want to go and to ensure that your company will be there to fulfill their needs.

Experience Designs professionals can help you define what information is useful to build a consolidated and integrated view of your customers. We can help you learn about your customers as well as assist with your fulfillment infrastructure technology.

Email us to discuss what we can do to help your business.

Know thy customers as well as you know yourself.

























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