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Westminster Presbyterian Church is not a "just for Sunday" type of church. Like many organizations, Westminster has a lot going on and it changes daily. The church is intergenerational, friendly, and wanted to convey its vibrancy and energy while balancing a spiritual calmness and sense of peace for those seeking a deeper spiritual understanding.

This is actually the second version Experienced Designs has made to the web site. As the church grow throughout the years, there was a need for reorganizing the current information and adding to that information that didn't have a place within the current navigation. The church wanted to highlight their four core areas: Learn, Serve, Care, Connect to match their marketing literature and update the look with their current branding image. This latest version incorporates flash and other interactive features to make Westminster more of a two-way communication vehicle.

There are two audiences: prospective visitors and existing members. A Newcomers guide was put prominently on the home page with the church's mission statement. The top, middle and right-hand side of the web site is constantly changing with the most current information. On the left-hand side is the navigation that appears throughout the site to assist the visitor in knowing where they are in the site.

Below on the left you can see the original web site and on the right is the revised web site. Above is the current template for the web site. The original web site was organized much like how the church departments were organized. Experienced Designs took an outside-in perspective and had the navigation be more reflective of the people who are visiting the web site. This enable the church to demonstrate how it is a church in which you can "grow with." There is something for the different stages of life people are in.

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