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One thing about the internet is that it is always evolving as new techniques and technologies come into play. Experienced Designs has gathered a list of terms and phrases you can use for reference.

analytics - information derived from web logs and other tracking methods to help you understand the customer.

CRM program - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program is generally a database that associates attributes such as name, address, previous orders, with one particular customer. Sales and Marketing people can analyze the data to offer customers who are incline to buy say classical music discounts on classical music titles. Where CRM programs backfire is when they don't account for people buying gifts so our classical music lover buys Hip Hop CD for a friend and the customer is now offered Hip Hop music instead of his preference of classical tunes.

database-driven data - A cost efficient method of displaying data such as orders, banking information, or pictures by having a program pull the information from a database when requested rather than creating hundreds of static pages.

eMarketing - uses online tools such as websites, Flash movies, and email to reach customers to engage them with a company or organization.

Extranet - a portion of the website accessible with an ID and a password. Web pages in an extranet can be content specific to that ID such as ordering information or to a group of people such as field sales people.

fully supported features - As programming and technology changes the companies who develop the programs choose whether to continue to provide troubleshooting and customer service to certain features. Often times a disclaimer is put on that certain features only work with certain programs such as web browsers.

multipurpose data usage - When companies begin to associate demographic information about their customers and employees, they can use that information to save time for the customer and employee. For example rather than having an employee fill out their name, address and mail stop, you can identify the employee by an employee ID number or phone extension. This saves the employee or a customer time on typing in information.

online focus group - A method of conducting research by having pre-qualified people be online at the same time and answer questions about a product or website.

personalization - Using all existing knowledge about the customer to offer him products and services that he has shown an interest in purchasing or learning more about.

phasing in - Rather than developing a website or program with all the bells and whistles, you can program a website to do simpler tasks such as collecting email addresses and then develop other programs such as a customization program to allow visitors to specify what content the want to see.

reuse code - Programming code is a language written for computers to understand what it needs to do such as show a picture or open a smaller browser window. To maximize your investment in programming, it is best to know what you want to do on your website so you can make the code modular, meaning you can use the same code in several places or have the computer get the same instructions that is located in one place rather than copying and pasting the same code in several web pages.

scope creep - Scope is the amount of work or features that a website or program has. Creep is when additional features or work is added to the "To do" list. The additional scope of work more often results in additional costs.

sponsor-paid advertisements - Various programs such as email or ecards are offered for free to the public. Companies pay for the programs in exchange for their advertisement to be delivered with the email or ecard.

user centric design - A design of a software program or web page that starts with what the person who will be interacting with the program or webpage will want to do to accomplish his task rather than what the program can do. People are put first.

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