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User-centric designing means more than just thinking about your customers, it means starting your web strategy, design, structure, and programming from the user's perspective. Our team -- trained in human factors, cognitive sciences and usability testing --will lead you in reaching your customers.

Experienced Designs will help you define qualitative and quantitative goals for your website. By defining user profiles, you can gather large sums of data with a limited sampling of testing participants. Through usability testing, you can prove where your site is working well and where your customers are getting lost or confused, or simply frustrated.

Creating a favorable user's experience could not only lead to more sales, but influence post-purchase questions and overall satisfaction with the delivered merchandise. Customers aren't willing to struggle through poor designs or cumbersome programming to give you their money. What will put you above your competition is low hassle and high satisfaction.

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Your customers can teach
you a lot about what they
want. Listen and learn.







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