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Keep Your Sales Force
Well Feed with Website

Elizabeth White






Web services
key to differentiating
you from competitors.

When you hire a sales person, you normally look for those with competitive, take-no-prisoners personalities. The kind of people who can walk into a party and know everyone's name before the first drink is served. No shy guys need apply. But a sales person and your business can't survive on personality alone. You must keep your sales force well fed.

Now I'm not talking about stacking their shelves with joke books, although the sales group does tend to be able to remember the best jokes. I'm talking about giving them something to both talk about and sell.

In a previous article I discussed how to drive traffic to your website using offline, traditional methods. Your sales force is also a good method of driving traffic to your site.

Just like more call-center activities are moving to the web, companies should be driving more sales tools to the web as well. Save your sales force for what they do best that is to humanize your company and to close the deals.

So what do you feed your sales force:

  • white papers
  • case studies
  • Flash demonstrations
  • online services

Your sales force wants to prove to customers that you are:

  • knowledgeable
  • experienced
  • easy to do business with

Let the customer learn about your company's products and services through emails and phone calls from their sales person. On the website you can begin to pre-qualify the sales leads.

Let your website warmup the prospect and then as the interest deepens, your salesperson's energy should be focused on closing. This will save your sales force from spending valuable travel time on prospects who only have a passing interest, or have an interest and no budget. By keeping the dialogue between the prospect and the salesperson you continue to have a chance to sell and you keep your sales force well fed.

Elizabeth White is the Director of Interactive Marketing at Experienced Design, an internet business solutions company focused on helping its clients maximize the internet to its full potential.

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